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The monthly Fireside Chat sessions with physicist and author Thomas Campbell have been published on Youtube for several years. Now they are also available as an audio podcast.

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Overcoming panic attacks, overcoming the fear of being alone, ear-ringing during meditation, difference between attention and intention, development of masculine traits, paradox of perfection versus the need for evolution, connection of love and fear

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Foul play in the dead of a family member, nightmaresa as a fear test, trying to find my life's purpose, terrifying meditation experiences, hard-style teaching, the usefulness of binaural beats, Tom's upcoming book "Primal woman, primal man"

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Gravitational time dilation, working with anger issues, christmas, the root cause for our constant stream of thoughts, awakening experiences, Kindalini awakening - how does it relate to MBT and changes it does to the physical body

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Why doesn't the LCS just create low entropy realities?, going up in a disfunctional family, Plants being aware without being conscious, Anesthetization - Monks being able to turn off their pain by will, Can trauma be carried over from a previous life

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The fear of death and the fear of pain, Tom's concept of anti-rats (high entropy people), Living gracefully with uncertainty, Can artificial intelligence help us in entropy reduction?, Is our physical reality being created by archons?

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Communicating with dead people, personal relationship with the LCS, the quality of consciousness of children, deevolving with old age, did Tom explore his past lives?, are people in other virtual realities also interested in the nature of their reality?

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Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

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