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The monthly Fireside Chat sessions with physicist and author Thomas Campbell have been published on Youtube for several years. Now they are also available as an audio podcast.

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NPMR ruleset, can the LCS have a glitch, focusing too hard, consciousness and robots, cloning a human, what is entropy, time dialation, MBT as a religion, reasons for nudges, Mandela effect, coma, flexibility of the ruleset, why are our egos so selfish

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Low success rate in meditation, the hard problem of consciousness, the construct of justice, being the change, how is entropy related to experiencing fear, increased rate of change on earth causing more attention by the LCS, working in other VRs

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Being more aware in different virtual realities, nightmares and overcoming fears, synergy on planet earth, a world based on caring, reasons for fearful behaviour in government, Egyptian pyramids - how were they built, role of belief in spiritual healing

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Is ego fundamental to consciousness, descerning love and compassion, improving relationships, open relationships and unconditional love, allergies and how to overcome them, using focused intent, positive and negative entities, levels of virtual reality

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communication with the LCS, Eckhard Tolle, universal language, responding to experiencing injustice, laughing just to please others, population limits, endpoint to evolution, dealing with fear in dreams, brain-machine interfaces, practical exercises

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Pure freedom - love versus freedom, meeting scouts in dream realities, role of sexuality, dealing with stress, foggy visions during meditation, standardized experiences during OBEs, the point consciousness state, effects of different/higher perspectives

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Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

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