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The monthly Fireside Chat sessions with physicist and author Thomas Campbell have been published on Youtube for several years. Now they are also available as an audio podcast.

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Development of two identical realities, nested realitiy systems, free will is not just algorithms, complexity level of the LCS as you go deeper into it, solid evidence of consciousness being fundamental, being blind to self-imposed limitations

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Definition of the term being level, formulating intent at the being level, NLP and hypnosis, aquiring data from the LCS database, how to find MBT more quickly in my next incarnation?, loosing sight during lucid dreams - why is this happening?

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Dimensions & reality frames, hierarchy in the LCS, Why would source create Hitler?, free will as an empty concept?, conflict between materialism and spirituality, love-based / fear-based decisions, monogamy resulting from fear and lack of trust?

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Depression, does growing up in this life give you a better life next time, crop circles and their benefits, guides, Indian gurus, coming in with a general plan, at what level does each IUOC start, why is time linear and not an illusion

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Reincarnating in sequence, why is there something rather than nothing, influences of PMR aspects on dreams, giving up addictions, advanced parallel processing, working on other people's problems, changes on the operating system level of physical reality

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Multiverse theory & qualia, sleepwalking, other methods besides meditation, the role of hallucinations, people without a physical brain but with hardly any handicap, free will, avoiding adopting MBT as a belief, what's wrong with our education system

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Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

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