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The monthly Fireside Chat sessions with physicist and author Thomas Campbell have been published on Youtube for several years. Now they are also available as an audio podcast.

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Communication between PMR and NPMR, higher self and LCS involvement in PMR life, free will as an illusion, loving others and loving ourselves, procrastination, remote viewing - proper protocols to check results, anxiety in a teenager - how to help

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Free will as a third assumption?, anesthetics and coma, Tom's diet, cancer diagnosis, dealing with mental illness, energy and the LCS, pop culture and manipulation, animals for food production, similarities between dying and out-of-body experiences

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Parents handing down their fears to their children, useful tools to unearthing attitudes, changing the pH level of water, exchanging information during an OBE, forumulating intents, finding a new source for motivation, operating in NPMR, meditation state

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MBT versus other big picture theories, emotions and depression - causes and how to overcome depression, working on fear - PTSD and the human fear response, is the MBT model useful to people in countries where the main priority is survival

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Being bedridden and engaging in NMPR, backing out of an incarnation, loving our mothers, attracting negativity, why are there negative entities, jobs in the non-physical, political systems in other realities, strange OBE experiences, monetary systems

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Dealing with overwhelming fear, 3rd eye, dealing with issues, body shaking during medition, spirituality without being spiritual, messages from dreams, interaction with others as important part of spiritual growth, different dream states

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Permanent negative thoughts, what is the origin of my visions, the feeling of oneness, trying to actively influence the future, empathy as information overload, sacred geometry and consciousness

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Feeling anger about injustice, growing up fast, fear of flying, dealing with dishonesty, pre-out-of-body vibrations, self-love and vanity, bringing back creativity from NPMR experience, impact of Tom's work on the future

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The essence of masculinity and feminity, open relationships, male/female interaction in the workplace, what did surprise Tom in his life, emotions and relationships, attacks from negative entities - how likely are they?

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Future event visions, how can we help Tom's mission, forming a common intent, loosing sight for 40 minutes, can binaural beats cause headache, MBT credentials, facilitating a safe space, decreasing entropy, responding to fearful people, handling teenagers

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NPMR ruleset, can the LCS have a glitch, focusing too hard, consciousness and robots, cloning a human, what is entropy, time dialation, MBT as a religion, reasons for nudges, Mandela effect, coma, flexibility of the ruleset, why are our egos so selfish

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Low success rate in meditation, the hard problem of consciousness, the construct of justice, being the change, how is entropy related to experiencing fear, increased rate of change on earth causing more attention by the LCS, working in other VRs

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Thomas Campbell

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