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The monthly Fireside Chat sessions with physicist and author Thomas Campbell have been published on Youtube for several years. Now they are also available as an audio podcast.

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Non-player characters (NPCs) - How can we recognize them?, parallel processing, what is intelligence and talent?,electronic voice phenomena - are these voice from deceased loved ones?, making the right choices the meaning of research

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Eliminating limiting beliefs, are all beliefs limiting, meeting people from lucid dreams in real life, touch life experience and how to make sense of them, experience extreme fear for short periods of time, Tom's view on modern dental care

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How do synchronicities work?, why does the LCS create them for me? Lucid dreams and OBE connection, have we consciously decided to incarnate here, Can a learning lab like our PMR exhaust its possibities for growth?, Is consciousness actually information

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Limitations to consciousness by the body, can we choose our sexual orientation?, Manipulation of choices in PMR reality by NPMR beings, Why doesnt the LCS prevent horrible experiences?, Stage hypnotism - Why are some people more susceptible?

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Getting confused while accessing LCS databases, reasons why the LCS would populate other planets with intelligent life, differences in ignorance between PMR and NPMR beings, generic testing in PMR, Jane Robert's Seth material, ownership and property

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Fear about creating your own reality, being unable to stop thinking negatively, link between money and growing up spiritually, sustaining a state of being connected to everything, physical and non-physical evolution, what is worse: nicotine or caffeine?

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Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

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Hopefully you enjoy this new opportunity to access the Fireside Chats as a podcast.

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