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The monthly Fireside Chat sessions with physicist and author Thomas Campbell have been published on Youtube for several years. Now they are also available as an audio podcast.

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Time stamps:

  • 0:00:05 Introduction of the participants
  • 0:00:50 Is our potential for growth endless?
  • 0:02:20 What makes near-death experiences more real that normal reality?
  • 0:04:50 Why is having an out-of-body experience so difficult to do?
  • 0:09:45 Doing paranormal demonstrations and training others intellectually does not change their being level
  • 0:17:15 Why should we continue to struggle if we could overcome all problems by setting the right intentions?
  • 0:21:50 Why do I fail at healing others or myself? Am I just not good enough at it?
  • 0:27:50 Changes to the brain waves when we heal other people or do remote viewing
  • 0:31:05 Can an individuated unit of consciousness be deleted or die?
  • 0:34:45 Do all species in other reality frames procreate by having children like we do?
  • 0:36:20 Are there reality frames where anything is possible?
  • 0:38:20 Consciousness can overcome the limitations of any physical reality
  • 0:41:35 Do heaven and hell really exist?
  • 0:44:50 When did Tom start to get into this line of work?
  • 0:48:05 Is there a base reality frame that has to exist for all realities to exist?
  • 0:51:55 What should we do now to optimize ourselves? Tracing our negative feelings
  • 1:00:15 How do I know my motivation is based in love and not based in fear?
  • 1:04:10 Young people is where the action is - Knowing MBT can make a difference
  • 1:05:15 Is MBT too complex to be understood by a 10-year-old?
  • 1:07:50 How could we make consciousness a career? Developing your left and your right brain
  • 1:14:45 How can I make my job as a dishwasher more meaningful? Interacting with others

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Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

Main website: https://www.my-big-toe.com
 - also: https://www.tom-campbell.de
Youtube: https://youtube.com/twcjr44
Event page: https://www.mbtevents.com


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Hopefully you enjoy this new opportunity to access the Fireside Chats as a podcast.

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