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The monthly Fireside Chat sessions with physicist and author Thomas Campbell have been published on Youtube for several years. Now they are also available as an audio podcast.

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Time stamps for this session:

  • 0:00:05 Introduction
  • 0:00:35 Cryptids like Bigfoot or Slenderman - How do they fit into MBT?
  • 0:05:50 Can we evolve and use other avatars than just a human body?
  • 0:08:25 Can mediums communicate with the original consciousness of a deceased directly after death?
  • 0:12:50 Is it possible to have any memories of a past life?
  • 0:15:40 The "tree falling in the woods" example - Would it work the same for an animal
  • 0:21:15 How does the Fibonacci sequence fit into MBT?
  • 0:25:00 How does consciousness connect to our avatars?
  • 0:29:15 Thoughts - can they be described as "a vector in linear space" as John Hagelin claims?
  • 0:32:50 The computer game "No Man Sky" - Does Tom play computer games himself?
  • 0:37:10 Will we create "real" virtual realities within our own virtual reality?
  • 0:40:40 Is it possible to code consciousness? 
  • 0:43:10 Was Tom an atheist during his early years?
  • 0:51:05 Is there an equivalent to the term "enlightenment" used in Buddhism within MBT?
  • 0:53:50 Why were more people aware about reality being an illusion in the ancient past?
  • 1:00:45 How is consciousness made?
  • 1:05:05 Might our reality be a virtual reality or is it one? How much does Tom believe his own storyline?
  • 1:09:45 Why do some scientists deny the behaviour of the double slit experiment?
  • 1:15:50 Questioning Tom's model, changes to Tom's model over time
  • 1:19:15 Tom's take on the "4th dimensional supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory"
  • 1:24:00 Is it better to be open-minded or better to be skeptical?
  • 1:25:30 Will it ever be possible for scientists to observe the pixels our reality is made of?
  • 1:28:05 If the speed of light slowed down, would that effect the delta-t of our reality simulation?
  • 1:34:55 Why are many people closed-minded and not interested in MBT-related topics?
  • 1:42:40 Is the larger consciousness system just as conscious as we are?
  • 1:44:20 Closing words, how did Kyle and Alexander get interested in MBT?
  • 1:52:05 End of session

(The podcast version was released earlier than the Youtube video, as the video still needs some editing. It should be out within 3-4 days...)

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Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

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