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The monthly Fireside Chat sessions with physicist and author Thomas Campbell have been published on Youtube for several years. Now they are also available as an audio podcast.

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This is the 3rd edition of the Youth Fireside Chat with Tom Campbell. The participants were the same as during the last edition: Kyle from United Kingdom and Alexander from Australia.

0:00:30 What can you tell us about the way NPMR (non-physical-matter) realities work?
0:04:35 Could the larger consciousness system ever have a glitch? Limitations of the computer metaphor
0:09:05 What would happen if the larger consciousness system crashed?
0:11:10 Can there be a huge breach of ruleset in our reality (e.g. someone walking through a solid wall)?
0:17:10 Why does focusing too hard on a goal during meditation make it impossible to achieve it?
0:19:50 What are other tools besides meditation to achieve point consciousness and change datastreams?
0:24:00 Why is everything rooted in ego according to MBT?
0:30:00 Can consciousness leave an avatar without the avatar knowing? Does it leave inactive avatars?
0:36:15 Is it possible for consciousness to log onto a robot?
0:44:30 If scientists clone a human - where does the consciousness for the new avatar come from?
0:48:45 What is entropy?
0:53:40 If our reality is objective, would time dialation still occur?
0:56:15 Could MBT end up as a religion? What would be the consequences?
1:03:30 Could such a religious MBT organisation be advantageous to MBT by spreading the message?
1:06:00 Is there a reason for it when people receive nudges from the LCS?
1:08:00 How could we explain the Mandela Effect? Is the Mandela Effect a sort of nudge?
1:18:00 What happens to consciousness when someone is in a coma?
1:20:20 How Tom comes up with answers based on his MBT model  
1:23:05 Why do people who are more evolved go into realities that are not very evolved?
1:25:35 Why do people tend to be sheep and simply follow others? Conformity & social standards
1:30:55 Why aren't we born into this virtual reality knowing that it is one?
1:35:30 How flexible is the ruleset of our reality, how far can it be pushed if you are alone?
1:43:15 Why do you take your beliefs and fears with you when you change datastreams?
1:45:10 Why are our egos so self-centered and selfish? Why did they turn out like that?
1:51:45 Why are children fueled by ego and fear?
2:03:40 Are there other races in other realities that we would consider aliens?
2:05:00 The importance of starting to reduce fears at a young age
2:07:45 It would be nice to have more young people involved in the Youth Fireside Chats
2:09:20 How did Tom realize that this reality is not what it seems? Tom's early childhood experiences
2:13:35 Difficulties grasping that reality is entirely different from what we were taught
2:17:45 Feeling different than other children at school, being different can create fear in others
2:20:30 Rejection of MBT ideas by the majority - Approaches to work around that problem

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Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

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