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The monthly Fireside Chat sessions with physicist and author Thomas Campbell have been published on Youtube for several years. Now they are also available as an audio podcast.

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Difference between data and information, nature of free will and its relationship to randomness, is the power of intent on future probabilites fundamental, knowing if actions are from love of ego, lack of spiritual progress, lack of intuition

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General anesthesia and receiving datasteams, anesthesia vs. being dead, the role of complexitity in our reality, controlling our own mind, taking control of dreams, dream experiences coming from my intellect of from the LCS, can Tom fall asleep at will?

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Explaining video lag and reaction times of our body, meditation and out-of-body experiences, manipulating intents of others, choices in dreams, how much of our choices is outside of our rational mind, decisions of a 3 year old, Tom's binaural beats

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Problems with considering reality as "just" virtual, weaknesses of MBT, Tom's interestin subjects that can not be explained by MBT, Tom's idealism - Does everything happen for a reason?, precognition and free will, what are black holes?

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The origins of time, dealing with unwanted telepathic information, hearing other people's thoughts, psychedelic drugs, coincidence experiences, learning from other realities, divine intervention, strong religious beliefs, stories that raise consciousness

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Other sentient beings in NMPR. Are they less egoistic? Are they willing to help us?, Reasons for feeling less physical in NMPR, Which MBT metaphors are fundamental?, What is the MBT definition of the subconscious mind?, breaking free from cultural beliefs

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Brain damage causing negative behaviour, Can blaming everything on the brain might sometimes be the correct approach?, Dream recall, Growing up in relationships through challenge, Too much challenge can get us stuck, Need-based / love-based relationship

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How to achieve shared out of body experiences? Does being more evolved come with having less physical desires? How exactly is reality rendered for us? To what extent do the contraints of the avatar limit the consciousness/experience?

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Non-player characters (NPCs) - How can we recognize them?, parallel processing, what is intelligence and talent?,electronic voice phenomena - are these voice from deceased loved ones?, making the right choices the meaning of research

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Eliminating limiting beliefs, are all beliefs limiting, meeting people from lucid dreams in real life, touch life experience and how to make sense of them, experience extreme fear for short periods of time, Tom's view on modern dental care

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How do synchronicities work?, why does the LCS create them for me? Lucid dreams and OBE connection, have we consciously decided to incarnate here, Can a learning lab like our PMR exhaust its possibities for growth?, Is consciousness actually information

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Limitations to consciousness by the body, can we choose our sexual orientation?, Manipulation of choices in PMR reality by NPMR beings, Why doesnt the LCS prevent horrible experiences?, Stage hypnotism - Why are some people more susceptible?

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