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The monthly Fireside Chat sessions with physicist and author Thomas Campbell have been published on Youtube for several years. Now they are also available as an audio podcast.

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Feedback on Tom's experiments, group consciousness, connecting to the LCS, where do our thoughts come from, helping others to see a bigger picture, regression therapy as tool to avoid repeating mistakes, confronting and dealing with fears, genetic fears

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What to do if we hurt someone? How can we forgive ourselves and is it fair to do so?, do basic absolute truths exist within MBT, the evolution of other reality frames, lucid dream experiments, how are qualia explained by MBT?

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Knowing that we live in a virtual reality - is it problematic?, do meditation skills help us in the transition after death, can going into NPMR unprepared be dangerous?, shocking visions - how do deal with them?, Bob Monroe's Loosh - Who is harvesting it?

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NPMR experiences of young children, will the term "virtual reality" turn people off?, stackable pieces of knowledge on consciousness expansion, fairy tales and beliefs, why is the fundamental process an assumption in MBT?

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Meeting other people in NPMR, using intent in the "right" way, difference between our consciousness in PMR and NPMR, memes in NPMR, the Joker archetype, LCS growth patterns & differences in speed of evolution, are new IUOCs better than old ones?

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Is spanking children ever a good thing, how clear is our perception in NPMR, mythological world and sharing visions, the role of humour, overcoming the fear of death, importance of mental exercise, my sister is dying - how can I help her in the process

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MBT-LA update, how are individuated units of consciousness created?, importance of elections, do Americas get what they deserve?, Tom's process of answering questions, seeing through the eyes of the IUOC and uniting with it before death

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Magic mushrooms and hallucinogenic drugs, pineal gland and DMT, taking LSD, asking for proof of a larger reality caused visions and synchronicities, metaphysical interactions and intent, the void and our origins

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Connection between water and consciousness, applying MBT to dating - love or fetishes, do low entropy and intelligence to hand in hand?, can the LCS die?, is eating plants similar to eating animals because experiments show plants are also conscious

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Suger-free diet - but not changes to consciousness, karma versus law of attraction, what is the point of origin of our virtual reality, who pushed the button to start it, climate predictions - can we use conscious intent to change global climate?

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Why are NDEs more real than normal reality, difficulties when healing others, research on brain waves, how does procreation work in other realities, is there a base reality frame, optimizing ourselves, is MBT too complex for a 10-year-old?

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Is time fundamental?, learning through dreams, predictions from MBT theory, are love and fear fundamental, decisions based on being level, documented UFO sightings

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Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

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Hopefully you enjoy this new opportunity to access the Fireside Chats as a podcast.

If you want to view the Fireside Chats on video, you find all past Fireside Chat episodes here:

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If you want to ask a question yourself, you can do so via Tom Campbell's forum. On it you find a thread where questions for future Fireside Chats are collected:

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