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The monthly Fireside Chat sessions with physicist and author Thomas Campbell have been published on Youtube for several years. Now they are also available as an audio podcast.

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Do realities only exist if we access them?, going back to specific experiences, walk-ins, creating new information, evolving as a species, overcoming the image of a jealous and angy God, events attracting NPMR beings, Tom's most recent lessons learned

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Do we have ego in NPMR, becoming more efficient, approaching the LCS for help, being shut down from NPMR experiences, GMO food - is it dangerous?, Tom's rats and anti-rats metaphor, why is control not in line with lowering entropy

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What initiates a unit of consciousness, being pulled out of the body, is becoming love equal to becoming free, cultures as operating systems, growing up by the little tasks of daily life, operation manual for PMR, creativity and coming up with new ideas

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Cryptids, non-human avatars, past-life memories, Fibonacci sequence, was Tom an atheist in his early years?, definition of enlightenment, will it ever be possible for scientists to observe the pixels of our reality, is the LCS as conscious as we are

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Tom's view on solipsism, Soul groups as efficient learning groups, when interpretation of data stream that makes no sense, Kundalini energy and mental illness, Connection between predictability of free will, Why does source perpetuate male guides?

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Awareness of the nature of reality in NPMR, what pets experiences after death, PMR frame rate, is the LCS tracking our state of consciousness, ego & quieting the mind, lessons learned in consecutive lives, limitations on consciousness by the physical body

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Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell

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Hopefully you enjoy this new opportunity to access the Fireside Chats as a podcast.

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